Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6.1 quake

Hi Everybody,

Jumped out of my sleeping bag today to a 6.1 earthquake, not a nice wake up call. The ground was literally sliding around.

Spent the day escorting reporters. Yesterday we had two kids come in (brother and sister) who were buried fr 7 days!!!!! They walked out of here today. walked! it was amazing, even the doctors who usually keep their cool where so touched.

here is a picture of me and my friend Max. He may look little but he is a decorated soldier (probably ranked much higher than I am) Who found a survivor at the U.N building a few days ago.

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  1. Yael,
    what you're doing is amazing. im so proud of you and all the israeli team out there- helping and giving and showing all of us that humanity still lies among us - in small portions, but still- it lies.
    keep up with the good work- keep updating and showing all of us whats really happening there.
    be brave.
    Shira Barzilay