Friday, January 22, 2010

What a day!

Wow. Today was probably one of the most eventful days here in the camp.
This morning I wandered into the maternity ward. The Dr. asked me if I ever witnessed a birth, I said no, so he told me to stick around, I might have to help. Luckily they handled it pretty well, but I got to help clean the beautiful baby boy and even put the tags on him. The nurse had to leave the room, so she casually called out to me "oh, can you give the baby to the mom?". And that was pretty much the coolest thing EVER.

Not that I even had time to think about it. Shortly after that mike came in, the 4 year old boy who was diagnosed here with Leukemia. We started a huge twitter campaign to find someone to help him, and 2 hours later he was taken away to the airport on his way to Miami university hospital.

After that I went to take a shower, I came back to discover that our search and rescue team had found a live 23 year old man who had been trapped for 11 days. He survived by drinking liquids that he found around him, mostly his own urine. He is currently being treated here and his physical condition is excellent. Here is the incredible video of the rescue