Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the Israeli Hospital

In a foreign country in the Caribbean I have never felt more at home in my life.

There are over 200 Israelis here, over 100 medical staff (doctors, EMTs etc) , search and rescue, logisitcs and everyone is incredibly nice. most of the medical staff are reserves, Doctors that left their families and practices in Israel and jumped on a plain. the hospital is huge - there is an ICU, a Pediatrics unit, an ER, an Xray machine, an operation room and even 3 incubators with 3 beautiful babies. Although I am just here to report, i have never been prouder in my life.

Today when I got here (after a delicious lunch of spam and green peppers) I started wandering around and getting acquainted. I stumbled upon the two pediatrics tents and gave the kids some dolls I had brought from home (lucky I am a 27 y/o who owns some stuffed animals...) and even helped feed one gorgeous 6 year old boy with an amputated leg who's name I don't know. He then fell asleep with the doll and that was pretty much worth the whole trip.

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