Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hello from Port Au Prince

Hi Everyone,

i have finally arrived at the Israeli Military hospital here. My journey was pretty nightmarish- LAX to Puerto Rico, PR to Santo Domingo, then stuck overnight in Santo Domingo. 5:30 am we left for the airport with a driver who did not stop at one red light and I am not exaggerating!

In the airport we scrambled around for a flight, it was only private jets and aid. We finally boarded a tiny private jet (after paying the pilot too much money) and somehow landed in Port Au Prince.

the airport was pretty chaotic - like a mini UN with soldiers and people from all over the world. We asked pretty much every nation for a ride and finally got a ride to the hospital with the wonderful people of Timoun lakay - a charity for children (www.timounlakayfoundation.org). The streets where pretty crazy, packed with people. no one crying or screaming, didn't see any blood or what they see on the news. Just thousands of people sad, jaded, walking around aimlessly.

Anyway got here finally - more soon!!


  1. Good luck in your mission there! What is your position in the IDF relief team?

  2. Jajaja! Yael nobody stop in a red light in Santo Domingo at that hour. Welcome to the Caribbean!