Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day who knows in Haiti

Vladimir and Daniel
Hi All,

Sorry I haven't written for a while, it has been crazy here as usual and when I get to bed I pretty much crash. Today I was in the shower (which is basically a plastic thing of water with a tap attached) and I honestly couldn't remember if i arrived to Haiti last Wednesday or the one before. In any case, it seems like months.

The team is tired but still in good spirits. we have started transferring some patients to the USS Comfort hospital but are still admitting new ones every day. I can't even remember if I wrote about this - but yesterday i got to help deliver a baby!! Well, not really deliver, but I saw the whole process (ladies - quite traumatic if u haven't had children yet) and I helped clean the little boy up and wrap him in a blanket. The nurse had to leave the room and as a matter of fact said to me "oh do you mind giving the baby to the mother? and so I did. Amazing. Other than that babies number 14 and 15 were born here today, identical twins by the names of Daniel and Vladimir (I kid you not). Daniel is named after the Israeli owner of the plant we are located in.

Today I went out to town for the first time since I got here. I drove with the search and rescue team to a girls orphanage to evaluate the building and see if we can help install some lights. When they are not doing that S&R are distributing water tanks and portable bathrooms. We also bought tons of candy with us which was much appreciated. I hope that the earthquake will put some of these orphans in Haiti in the spotlight so that they will be adopted. I can't help but think that if all the red tape was cut, they would all be out of here.

The streets are filled with people. Like you may have heard before, some of the buildings are completely crumbled, others look brand new. The people are trying to sell anything they can get their hands on. Most of them sleep on the streets, those who have homes are afraid to go in.

It was an amazing sight, needless to say I was relieved to come back to camp, home sweet home.

No final word yet on when we are leaving. The staff here is tired as I mentioned, but it seems like the more exhausted we get, the funnier we get too. Sense of humor is very important here and luckily we have it, i think some of it rubs off on the patients too. I admire the doctors and nurses so much for all their work here and the fact that they always have a smile on their face. the dynamics between the doctors and the medical staff here is amazing. i don't know if it just being together for so long that serves as an equalizer, or if these are just really unique human beings, but it seems like there is no division of classes here. First name basis of course, jokes, medics freely expressing medical opinions and just good cooperation all around. Even got my ass kicked in backgammon a few times by one of the chief pediatricians (round 2 coming soon).

Ok I am going to visit Vladi and Daniel now!!!
check out the flickr account for all the pictures.

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